The business advertising model based on mass surveillance and massive accumulation of personal data is under pressure. After years of civil society calling for a ban, and policymakers stopping short of taking decisive action, the industry seems to be hitting crunch point: Meta is under scrutiny in the EU where its practices are deemed illegal; the case against Grindr is moving through the court system, and so it the case against IAB Europe’s ‘best practice’ framework;and Google announced phasing out of third party cookies.

In the last years, an increasing body of evidence has emerged highlighting the detrimental effects of surveillance-based advertising on consumers, citizens, & democracy as a whole. Do we continue with the rounds of complaints and litigation, or is it time to take decisive action?


  • Aaron Alva, Technologist, Federal Trade Commission
  • Jeff Chester, Executive Director, Center for Digital Democracy
  • Tobias Judin, Head of international, Norwegian Data Protection Authority
  • Johnny Ryan, Director of Enforce, Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Moderated by Calli Schroeder, Senior Counsel and Global Privacy Counsel at Electronic Privacy Information Center and TACD Digital committee co-chair.

This event was recorded on 11 March 2024.

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