How to join

Thank you very much for your interest in joining the TACD. To apply to become a member please read the following information:

TACD Membership Criteria

Participation in the TACD takes place via one of the TACD Policy Committees (Food, Financial Services, Information Society, Intellectual Property, and Product Safety and Chemicals). Membership is open to all EU or US consumer organisations, which:

  • Have a demonstrated history and track record of active advocacy of the basic principles of consumer rights and protection,
  • Can contribute to the work of the TACD,
  • Work on a national and/or international level,
  • Are independent of business and political interest.

Consumer organisations from outside the EU and US, or groups that do not meet the definition of consumer organisations, may be invited to participate in TACD as observers. Their viewpoints will be considered and they may attend TACD meetings, but they may not stop consensus policy decisions.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a TACD member please send a letter and supporting documentation stating your reasons for joining and provide the following information:

  1. Your funding – where does it come from?
    • Is your organisation connected to any for-profit, commercial or trading venture?
    • Is your organisation not-for-profit in nature?
    • Does your organisation receive any subsidies or grants associated with a political party or with the advancement of party political causes?
  2. The remit of your organisation – does your organisation work at national level?
  3. Please provide an electronic example of your organisation’s work – a magazine or position paper – which demonstrates active advocacy in relation to the basic principles of consumer rights and protection.
  4. Please provide an electronic copy of your annual report.

Your letter and supporting documentation should be sent by email to

We look forward to receiving your application.