US Trade Representative urged to respond to TACD’s repeated request for transparency

Ahead of the upcoming negotiation round for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in April, our Co-Chairs wrote to Michael Froman, the US Trade Representative, on behalf of TACD.

We urged him again to release documents in the trade talks. Pointing to a letter from January that called for increased transparency, but which so far has gone unanswered, we repeated our request for the US to share its negotiating texts and proposals, and to liaise with the EU on the combined publication of the consolidated texts. We also highlighted the recent decision by the European Commission to publish EU proposals for TTIP legal texts as well as Trade Commissioner Malmström’s timely response to our January letter, in which she acknowledged that consolidated documents would contribute to enhancing transparency.

Read the full letter from the TACD Co-Chairs to the United States Trade Representative here.

Find the response from the Office of the United States Trade Representative to TACD here.