TACD and its members urge EU leaders to protect citizens’ data in trade agreements

TACD, together with the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), Consumers International, the European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation (ANEC) and European Digital Rights (EDRi) sent an open letter to the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker. The letter urges the European Commission to protect consumers’ and citizens’ data in trade agreements, resist pressure and come forward with proposals which will uphold and defend fundamental rights.

The five international NGOs fully recognise the importance of transfers of data between countries, but firmly believe – since such transfers  involve individuals’ personal information – that so-called ‘data flows’ should not be subject to trade negotiations. If however, despite these concerns, provisions on data transfers were to be included in trade agreements such as TTIP and TiSA, it needs to be done in the most effective way possible for the protection of the personal information and privacy of individuals. EU should set a global example for a data protection-proof trade policy. Otherwise, as independent research has shown, trade agreements will not work for citizens.

A second letter was sent by TACD member EDRi, together with 20 civil rights organisations, to leaders of the European Union, urging them to resist pressure and come forward with proposals which will not sacrifice citizens’ fundamental rights.