Norwegian Consumer Council report shows how tech companies push users into sharing personal data

Today, TACD member the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) published a new report on how tech companies steer us into sharing information about ourselves and discourage us from exercising our rights to privacy.

The report “Deceived by Design” highlights the techniques used by companies such as Facebook and Google to manipulate users into sharing information.

These techniques include using confusing layouts and design choices which prevent the user from understanding what information they are sharing, whilst appearing to give the user choice over what information is actually being shared. In many cases, key information is omitted and the user is sharing information just by using the service.

This shows a lack of respect for their users, and circumventing the notion of giving consumers control of their personal data, says Finn Myrstad, director of digital services in the Norwegian Consumer Council.

The Norwegian Consumer Council and several other consumer and privacy groups in Europe and the U.S., including a number of TACD members (EPIC, BEUC and Privacy International) are now asking European data protection authorities to investigate whether the companies are acting in accordance with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation and U.S. rules.

Watch the video, and read the Press Release and full report.