Today, TACD releases a new policy resolution on better transatlantic cooperation on chemicals in light of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The resolution offers recommendations to the negotiating parties on how to achieve better transatlantic cooperation in chemicals management, clearly emphasizing that a future TTIP agreement should under no circumstance act to delay or compromise progress on reducing consumer exposure to toxic chemicals.

TACD recommends the U.S. and the EU to:

 – Improve transparency in the negotiations and provide opportunities for public scrutiny of all TTIP proposal

 – Commit the resources necessary to reduce human and environmental exposure to harmful chemical

 – Strengthen and extend consumer access to information on toxic chemicals

 – Ensure that a future chapter on regulatory cooperation does not impact the implementation of regulations or the development of regulatory definitions affecting the protection of public health and the environment

  – Exclude the chemicals sector from TTIP’s chapter on regulatory cooperation

 – Avoid commitments to follow particular practices in future regulatory actions

 – Create a voluntary mechanism to facilitate better transatlantic cooperation on chemicals management

 – Ensure balanced and representative stakeholder involvement and allow for public scrutiny of health, safety and environmental data

 – Improve transatlantic cooperation on the regulation of new and emerging risks

Please click here to read the full TACD resolution on better transatlantic cooperation on chemicals in light of the TTIP.