Information society: overview


TACD work in the area of Information Society aims to promote the recognition and improvement of consumer rights in the digital world. With consumers increasingly relying on the Internet for work, shopping and social life, it is more important than ever that the appropriate regulatory frameworks are in place to ensure their safety and privacy. …

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Intellectual property: overview


TACD’s work on intellectual property (IP) focuses on promoting a more balanced IP system in which the needs and rights of consumers are given equal consideration to those of rights holders. TACD promotes an IP system that effectively promotes innovation while maintaining access for users. Read TACD’s Policy Recommendations on Intellectual Property Read TACD’s Briefing …

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TACD responds to USTR anouncement of Public Interest Advisory Committee

TACD has responded to the US Trade Representative (USTR) proposal for a new public interest trade advisory committee, which would provide input to trade negotiations such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The new committee would include members from consumer protection, international development and public health organizations. “TACD has been asking for more …

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TTIP: overview

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed EU-US free trade agreement currently being negotiated. With tariffs between the two economic blocks at historic lows, the negotiations are focussing on dismantling other ‘barriers to trade’. A key aim for the TTIP is to bring rules and regulations on both sides of the Atlantic …

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Food: overview


TACD work in the area of food aims to ensure that food policy makers within the EU and US take actions that promote consumer interests. Particular focuses are on improving food safety, tackling the obesity pandemic and ensuring that appropriate information is provided on food products to help consumers make healthy choices. Read TACD’s Policy …

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Financial services: overview


TACD’s work on financial services focuses on working with the EU and the US government to ensure that strong consumer protection regulation is put in place to protect the financial consumer interests and also importantly, the safety and soundness of financial systems in general. Read TACD’s Policy Statements on Financial Services

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Nanotechnologies: overview


TACD work on nanotechnology focuses on ensuring that the EU and the US government take urgent steps to ensure that products containing manufactured nanoparticles are safe and beneficial to consumers and do not lead to new hazards in consumer products and the environment. Read TACD’s Policy Statements on Nanotechnologies

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TTIP: policy statements

  2013 Regulatory Coherence (pdf) Investor-State Dispute Resolution (pdf) Financial Regulation (pdf) Food and Nutrition-Related Issues (pdf) Data Flows (pdf) E-commerce (pdf) Intellectual Property Rights (pdf) Chemicals Regulation (pdf)

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TTIP: letters

2013 TACD response to USTR Federal Register Notice on the launch of TTIP negotiations, May 2013 Letter to Ambassador Kirk and Commissioner De Grucht in response to announcement of the TTIP (pdf)

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2013 TACD Stakeholder Forum: “The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: can it bring benefits to the people?”


On 29 October 2013, the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) hosted a public event that brought together a wide range of stakeholders to tackle these questions and many more. Over 200 representatives of consumer groups, other civil society organisations, industry, media and both the EU and US government took part in lively debate and exchange on …

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