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TACD publishes resolution on competition, privacy and consumer welfare

Today, TACD publishes a policy resolution on competition in resopnse to the European Commission’s and the US Federal Trade Commission’s consultations on the future of competition law and policy. The resolution looks at the interplay between competition, privacy and consumer welfare in digital markets and sets out seven recommendations. The expansion of digital technologies and …

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EU NGOs blast Google Location data collection as U.S. Groups blast FTC on privacy

By Ed Mierzwinski, Senior Director of the Federal Consumer Program at U.S. Public Interest Research Group. Ed Mierzwinski is Senior Director of the Federal Consumer Program Consumer at U.S. Public Interest Research Group and the U.S. co-chair of the TACD Steering Committee. On 27 November 2018, 7 member groups of the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) …

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TACD urges FTC to investigate Google’s location tracking

Today, TACD has sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission explaining how Google manipulates users into constant location tracking. The letter follows the publication of TACD member the Norwegian Consumer Council’s (NCC) latest research “Every Step You Take”, which follows on from the “Deceived by Design” report released in June 2018. The latest report …

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New: TACD policy on use of technologies in financial services

Today, TACD publishes a new resolution on fintechs. Nowadays, use of technology in financial transactions (or fintech for short) has become an everyday part of most consumers’ lives. However, what can be said about the way that the fintech industry is regulated and how, if at all, are consumers protected? In addressing these questions TACD’s …

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Apps rated appropriate for kids are actually manipulating them

By David Monahan, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and Jeffrey Chester, Center for Digital Democracy The digital revolution is happening so fast. With little regard for the consequences, Big Tech has convinced parents to put screen devices in the hands of children at ever younger ages. But let’s say you’re a conscientious parent of a …

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