Financial services: overview


TACD’s work on financial services focuses on working with the EU and the US government to ensure that strong consumer protection regulation is put in place to protect the financial consumer interests and also importantly, the safety and soundness of financial systems in general. Read TACD’s Policy Statements on Financial Services

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Intellectual property: overview


TACD’s work on intellectual property (IP) focuses on promoting a more balanced IP system in which the needs and rights of consumers are given equal consideration to those of rights holders. TACD promotes an IP system that effectively promotes innovation while maintaining access for users. Read TACD’s Policy Recommendations on Intellectual Property Read TACD’s Briefing …

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Intellectual property: policy statements

2016 Proposed Intellectual Property Chapter in TTIP (pdf) 2014 Access to Medicines (pdf) 2013 IPR in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (pdf) 2011 Innovation and Access to Medical Technologies (pdf) Copyright and Competition (pdf) Unlocking Access to Orphan Works (pdf) Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (pdf) 2009 Copyright Terms (pdf) IP Enforcement (pdf) IP Aspects of Pandemics …

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Intellectual property: letters

2008 Letter To S. Schwab and P Mandelson on Compulsory Licensing (pdf) 2005 Letter to WHO proposing Medical R&D Treaty (pdf) 2003 Letter to Rita Haye on WIPO Work Program (pdf) Letter to M Keplinger, J Reinbothe on Protecting rights of Broadcasting organisations (pdf) 2002 Letter to P Lamy, R Zoellick on Export of Medicines …

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Product Safety and Chemicals: overview


TACD’s work in the area of product safety and chemicals aims to ensure that consumer products, including those resulting from emerging technologies (i.e. nanotechnology, synthetic biology, etc) are safe and beneficial to citizens and do not lead to new hazards in consumer products and the environment. Work will particularly focus on addressing research gaps, regulatory …

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Product Safety and Chemicals – policy statements

2016 TACD Resolution on resolution on better transatlantic cooperation on chemicals in light of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) | Fact sheet 2013 TACD NANO 03-13 Regulation of Chemicals in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 2011 TACD NANO 02-11 Reporting schemes 2009 TACD NANO 01-09 Consumer Products Containing Nanoparticles

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