Trade: government responses

2004 Response from Members of 133 Services Committee-EC (pdf) Response from Full Members of 133 Committee-GATS to TACD Recommendations (pdf) 2002 Response from Commissioner Pascal Lamy re Early Warning Systems (pdf) 2001 Response from EC Services to TACD Recommendations on Electronic Commerce and Trade (pdf) 1999 Response from EC Services to TACD Recommendations on Trade …

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Trade: briefing papers

2012 Statement on EU-US trade relations (pdf) 2007 Horizontal Regulatory Initiatives in EU-US Regulatory Co-operation (pdf) 2006 Statement on the implementation of REACH (pdf) 2004 Background paper on GATS Negotiations (pdf) 2001 Recommendations to Qatar WTO Ministerial (pdf) Briefing Paper on Mutual Recognition Agreements (pdf) 1999 On the Proposal to Launch a New Round of …

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Trade: letters

2004 Letter to Article 133 Committee Members re consideration of necessity tests (pdf) Letter to Dirk Bruinsma re Article 133 committee (pdf)

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Product safety: overview


TACD work on product safety is concerned with promoting more effective regulatory approaches to deal with the ever-escalating number of products imported into the EU and US. TACD encourages improved EU-US information sharing and communication regarding dangerous products as well as joint initiatives such as the inspection of overseas manufacturing plants and food production facilities.

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