Food: letters

TACD has sent a number of letters to EU and US governments in relation to policy developments related to food. 2011 Comments on Preliminary Proposed Nutrition Principles to Guide Industry Self-Regulatory Efforts (pdf) 2004 Letter to Tommy G. Thompson regarding WHO draft Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (pdf) Letter to Commissioner Byrne …

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Food: government responses

2002 Response from FDA regarding Antibiotics Use in Animals 2001 Response from Commissioner Byrne regarding the Ban on the use of Fluoroquinolones in Poultry Response from Commissioner Byrne regarding Pesticide Residues in Food 2000 Response from EC Services to TACD Recommendations on Food 1999 Response from EC Services to TACD Recommendations on Food

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Information society: overview


TACD work in the area of Information Society aims to promote the recognition and improvement of consumer rights in the digital world. With consumers increasingly relying on the Internet for work, shopping and social life, it is more important than ever that the appropriate regulatory frameworks are in place to ensure their safety and privacy. …

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Information society: policy statements

2016 EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Proposal 2015 TACD Statement in response to the European Court of Justice ruling on Safe Harbor agreement  The open and neutral Internet  – updated (pdf) 2014 The open and neutral Internet (pdf) 2013 E-commerce in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (pdf) Data Flows in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership …

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Information society: letters

2014 Letter to President-elect of European Commission on comprehensive data protection agreement (pdf) Letter to FTC and Irish Data Protection Commissioner on Facebook data collection (pdf) 2012 Letter to Google on terms of service (pdf) 2011 Letter to US Congress re Hearing on Internet Privacy and the EU Privacy Directive (pdf) Letter to FTC on regulation …

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Financial services: overview


TACD’s work on financial services focuses on working with the EU and the US government to ensure that strong consumer protection regulation is put in place to protect the financial consumer interests and also importantly, the safety and soundness of financial systems in general. Read TACD’s Policy Statements on Financial Services

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Intellectual property: overview


TACD’s work on intellectual property (IP) focuses on promoting a more balanced IP system in which the needs and rights of consumers are given equal consideration to those of rights holders. TACD promotes an IP system that effectively promotes innovation while maintaining access for users. Read TACD’s Policy Recommendations on Intellectual Property Read TACD’s Briefing …

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